Crisis in the Kremlin Y1

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    Crisis in the Kremlin Y1 ( 582.24 MB ) MB

    Comrades! Brothers and sisters!In this significant day I want to tell all workers of the world, that our expectations have come true and as The Great Revolution was a perfect Party’s creation so a proletarian game Crisis in Kremlin is an outstanding achievement of this great organization! Because now completely every person, even a cook, can rule the state! And this is our merit, comrades, because only we bring protection and prosperity and we must overtake the rotting West. And so every person must as soon as possible master this skill by opening Crisis in Kremlin and bring the started to an end – to the 5-year plan of new millennium!In the game every comrade will have to solve important political and economic, but historically accurate, interesting and exciting questions and tasks. On your decisions it will depend, what the USSR will be by the end of the year 1991 (and even a bit further) – empty words, which everybody interpret in dark colors, a superpower or the new pillar of democracy, though you can try any other political mechanic, you like.However,don’t forget that we are watching you closely and honestly hope that you will not betray your labor Motherland!The Actual GameCrisis in the Kremlin is a game set in the Perestroyka era, where you are set to reign over the Soviet Union during this harsh period and lead


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