How to use Google Health Connect

Gone are the days when you had to open multiple apps just to get an overview of your health data. Thanks to Google Health Connect, this removes a lot of the frustrations with using different services.readmore

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Microsoft to Launch its Own App Store on iOS Devices

Its suggested that Microsoft can launch its iOS app store by 2024, as the European Union’s Digital Markets Act will then allow all game developers to launch their own app stores As the European Union Digital Markets act goes on to allow all game creators to launch individual play stores by 2024, Xbox owner Microsoft […]readmore

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Apple to Open its Flagship Store in Mumbai Next Month

This opening in Mumbai will be followed by another Apple flagship store opening in Delhi soon After months of rumors about Apple stores being opened in India, the tech giant has finally confirmed the opening of its first flagship store in Mumbai. It’s reported that the flagship retail store will open up next month, whereas […]readmore

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10 Use Cases Of ChatGPT In Banking Sector

Banks across the world always try to incorporate new technology and to improve their customer service. Now, banks are in a race to adopt new technology like chatGPT to increase productivity and overall system performance. ChatGPT Here we are bringing the top 10 use cases of ChatGPT in the banking sector. Client Assistance ChatGPT facilitates […]readmore

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Microsoft And Google Are Planning To Bring AI To Excel,Word,Gmail

Google and Microsoft are on a same page to bring innovations on their platform by bringing next-generation AI tools as add-ons to existing services. On March 16, Microsoft announced that it is incorporating AI-powered system called Copilot to its 365 suite apps including Word, Excel,Outlook,PowerPoint and Teams. On the other hand, Google has also planned […]readmore

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Everything you need to know about accelerators and incubators

Early-stage founders need mentorship and support to build a successful startup, and conventional wisdom says, “Get thee to an incubator or an accelerator!” However, the two programs are not interchangeable — they serve very different purposes — and there are roughly 500 accelerators and 1,400 incubators in the U.S. alone. Which type of startup program […]readmore

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Nvidia teams up with Quantum Machines to combine classical and

Nvidia and Quantum Machines, the Israeli startup offering an orchestration platform to controlling and operating quantum processors, today announced the launch of Nvidia DGX Quantum, which combines Nvidia’s Grace Hopper Superchip with Quantum Machines’ controller. Over the course of the last few years, it’s become increasingly clear that to effectively operate a quantum computer, you’ll […]readmore

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Nvidia partners with Google Cloud to launch AI-focused hardware instances

In partnership with Google, Nvidia today launched a new cloud hardware offering, the L4 platform, optimized to run video-focused applications. Available in private preview on Google Cloud through Google’s G2 virtual machines, Nvidia says that the L4 platform is designed to accelerate “AI-powered” video performance. Serving as a general-purpose GPU, L4 delivers video decoding as […]readmore

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SaaS is still open for business, but it’s going to

Ryan Neu Contributor Share on Twitter Ryan Neu is the founder and CEO of Vendr, a SaaS purchase platform. Previously, he was a B2B SaaS sales leader at both InVision and HubSpot. More posts by this contributor Surviving the SaaS tsunami: Optimize your tech stack to reduce risk and free up cash flow The “Great […]readmore