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Apple’s Siri Might Soon Get Technology Similar to Chat-GPT

The famous Apple voice assistant Siri is about to get another major update. The tech giant has reportedly been testing an AI feature that will equip Siri with natural language generation capabilities. Currently, a major share of the generative AI industry is owned by OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT and GPT4. However, other major tech […]readmore

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Microsoft Edge to Get a Crypto Wallet Feature Soon

The unreleased crypto wallet feature is said to have a password alongside a recovery method incase a user loses their password After months of bad news for the crypto industry, Microsoft is out with a refreshing one. The tech giant just recently reported that it has been working on integrating a crypto wallet feature into […]readmore


Apple Watch Saves A Person’s Life By Detecting Blood Clots

There are numerous incidents when the Apple watch has saved people’s lives by alerting them in advance about potential health issues regarding their lungs. Apple’s multiple health-tracking capabilities help users to properly analyze their body functions, like heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, etc. Such Apple watch features notify users about health concerns and […]readmore

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Global Debate Has Been Made On Whether AI Security Guards

AI technology seems to be finding its way into every industry from fast-food chains to delivering packages to automatic self-driving vehicles. Now, some companies are also incorporating AI security guards to keep their businesses safe. However, I’m not so sure these bots can be reliable. Let’s see how robot security experiments are turning into reality. […]readmore

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An Amazing 3D Bioprinter Can Help Avoid Expensive Surgeries

Sydney: The University of New South Wales has invented an amazing and creative 3-D Bioprinter (F3DB). The university has made enormous progress in the field of bioprinting. Every year, millions of people suffer from tissue breakage and die from trauma or injury. However, the surgical process mainly includes stitches to promote tissue healing. In case, […]readmore

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Co-Working Center Inaugurated In Multan Under PITB’s e-Earn Program

Multan– March 20, 2023 Under the Punjab Information Technology Board’s (PITB) e-Earn program, a co-working center has been inaugurated in Multan to facilitate freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Earlier, the e-Earn centers were established in Bahawalpur and Gujranwala with the support of private partners to provide working spaces to entrepreneurs, freelancers, workers and small businesses. The […]readmore

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Starlink Announces New ‘Global’ Satellite Internet Package

Priced at $200, the Starlink Global internet package will allow subscribers to use the starlink internet almost everywhere around the world Starlink, which is one of the world’s most famed satellite internet companies, has finally announced the release of its global internet package, which will allow its subscribers to use the Starlink internet from any […]readmore

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Apple Kicks China Out:Choose India For Production

Foxconn, the world’s largest technology manufacturer and service provider, recently announced that it would reduce its production in mainland China. On Wednesday, the company Foxconn Chairman said, “almost 70% of the company’s current income comes from mainland China. However, the share market outside mainland China will rise in the future”. Foxconn is always willing to […]readmore

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Bing Said To Remove Waitlist For It’s GPT-4 Powered Chat

Microsoft, a big-tech giant, is enjoying the limelight after the release of its GPT-powered interface. At the same time, Microsoft is also cautious about the pace at which it makes new Bing offerings powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 tech. In addition, Microsoft has invested a considerable amount in OpenAI. However, the waitlist for the new Bing […]readmore

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GPT-4 Can’t Stop Helping Hackers Build Cybercriminal Tools

Since the launch of chatGPT, it has been on fire. Every company, whether it’s tech or media-related, needs to incorporate ChatGPT to enhance the productivity of their workforce. This week, OpenAI launches the latest version of its machine learning software GPT-4. According to the company, the most highlighted feature is to have rules protecting it […]readmore

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Microsoft 365 to Get AI Tech Similar to ChatGPT

Named as ‘Copilot’, this new Microsoft 365 AI tool is now available in Word, Powerpoint and Outlook Just a day after Google’s successful launch of its AI tools for the Google Workspace, Microsoft has announced its new AI tool for the Microsoft 365. Named the ‘Copilot’, the Microsoft AI tool is embedded into three Microsoft […]readmore

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UK Ministers Banned From Using TikTok on Government Devices

The ban comes after multiple similar decisions taken by parliaments in the EU, USA and Canada The United Kingdom has now banned its ministers from using Chinese app TikTok on government owned devices to prevent security and data breaches as rumors about TikTok’s data security continue throughout the EU, USA and Canada. This ban has […]readmore


11 Services Of Travel & Transport Included In ‘Go Punjab’

LAHORE – March 16, 2023 11 services of travel and transportation have also been included in the “Go Punjab” App, developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) on directions of the Government of Punjab to provide online delivery of more than 33 services of various departments to the citizens. Moreover, more than three lakh […]readmore

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Twitter Launches Video Marketing Course Named ‘Unskippable’

The unskippable is an 8 part video series that teaches creators to create promo videos that stand out Are you a creator that wants to learn creating the most engaging and attention grabbing videos? Well, Twitter is your place to go, since Twitter has recently released a new educational course for video creators and has […]readmore

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Online Grocery Store Naheed Just Got Hacked: Customer Details and

Soon after stealing information from the Naheed online grocery store, the hackers uploaded all the customer’s personal data on the dark web Popular online grocery store Naheed.pk was hacked earlier today, with hackers uploading the website’s personal information on the dark web. This adds the leaked information from Naheed’s online store to LeakBase’s database. As […]readmore

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ChatGPT can Take Your Career To The Next Level:Check How?

ChatGPT is a buzzing word these days.ChatGPT and Dall E-2 can create text and images from simple prompts to a standard form. Instead of making humans redundant, professionals are trying to learn new techniques to supercharge their work. Moreover, they are also utilizing chatGPT to automate mundane everyday tasks to carry out their jobs more […]readmore

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ChatGPT-4 Language Model Can Handle Text And Images

On Wednesday, Open AI announced a new language model. The new language model has several advantages and is called GPT-4. GPT-4 is the fourth-iteration new innovative language model created by Open AI. Language is a new way to show a massive leap in Natural Language Processing (NLP). The advanced language can understand and generate human-like […]readmore